ForstPan works with clients from forest industry in order to develop and improve:

  • procurement strategies, quality and cost structures
  • supply chain efficiency
  • planning, organizing and executing timber harvesting activities

Mission: Forstpan has the mission to empower participants in forest industry to make exponentially better decisions.

Three qualities distinguish Forstpan

Is a neutral part

Has deep industry experience and supply chain expertise

Is deeply connected to forest industry realities

Who are we?

ForstPan - through its advisory service, provides support for the development of forest-specific knowledge and the wood supply chain mechanism in the wood industry. Ensuring the raw material requirement according to the 3 KPIs - cost, quality and quantity is done by identifying and understanding all the components of the supply chain and optimizing the interaction between them.

Forstpan also pays special attention to develop the communication and negotiation skills needed for business. Well-connected to the dynamic reality of the market, Forstpan has the mission to support the development of effective work practices both in ​​quality and productivity , as well as in the interpersonal relationship within the team.

Cristi Panaite

Cristi Panaite

– consultant

15 years of experience in the supply and logistics chain management for multinational companies.

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Customers who trust us:

Wood Supply Chain Development

Successful companies pursue continuous improvement. Our Wood Supply Chain Optimization program provides a framework for this improvement.

Use the benchmark to identify your current cost position in the supply area market:

  • We compare the cost components of the purchased products with the balanced average price according to the volume and assortment.
  • We compare total cost position to other mills
  • We identify market average and price variance

Once improvements have been implemented, use the benchmark to measure the results of optimization efforts.

To understand why your wood costs are higher than market, we analyze both product mix and cost component so that specific differences between your facility and better-performing peers can be identified and targeted for correction. 

  • We find a peer group
  • We identify your position, mix by volume and cost components
  • We compare these to better performing mills to identify improvement opportunities
  • We analyze the wood procurement team performance.
  • We change their aproach.
  • We motivate them.
  • We identify where-along the volume curve-a mill outperforms and underperforms the market in order to bring costs into alignment with the market at any volume increment. We identify market share by origin of supply (county/subregion) in order to take advantage of opportunities to lower costs by shifting volumes from high cost counties to lower cost counties.
  • We analyze the procurement strategies improvement.
  • We analyze the cost reduction.

Training courses

Wood Procurement & Timber Harvesting Management

Wood Supply Chain Development

  • Wood suplly chain in Romania
    • Forest resources
    • Contractors
    • Logistics
    • Competition
    • Purchasing budget and strategies
  • Comunication skills
  • Negociation techiques

Timber Harvesting Management

  • Managing in forest operation in that 5 Key Performance Areas:
    • Safety and health
    • Productivity
    • Enviroment
    • Quality
    • Social issues

Wood Market Reports

Timber Price

Forest Resources


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